Pintxos and tapas

Lazy antipasti

I know that it is a bit cheeky to consider this dish worth a recipe, but I love this combo so I feel the need to tell the world about it. Preparation time:15 minutes + 20 minutes (for peppers from scratch) Quantity: This mix makes enough olives to keep any guests happy for a while! … Continue reading Lazy antipasti

Prawn Brocheta

San Sebastian, my hometown, is full of great pintxos bars. If you have a chance to visit, your life will change. I am not even joking. Pintxos, as far as I am concerned, are little bites of happiness. As far as Wikipe is concerned though, they are “certain snacks typically eaten in bars… especially popular … Continue reading Prawn Brocheta

Cod croquetes

As a child in Spain, every restaurant offers you a starter of “fritos”. Fritos are a selection of fried items which generally include some form of croqueta. I could write quite a few croquetas recipes but over the years, I have narrowed down my favourite to very few. I will focus on those when sharing … Continue reading Cod croquetes

Fish Pie inspired Pimiento

You know when there are two dishes you absolutely love and decide to bring them together in one small mighty one? Well, ever since I tried my first fish pie in Cowes, Isle of Wright, during the Little Britain Cup sailing trip  with one of my former employers, it has been one of my favourite … Continue reading Fish Pie inspired Pimiento

Russian salad

The first time my husband and I travelled together was as friends, with another dear friend of ours, Nao, to Bilbao. They were to visit the Guggenheim and I was on my way home for mothers day. A lovely friend of ours , Gemma, had managed to persuade him to let me show them around San … Continue reading Russian salad

Tortilla de Patata

Ok, so here is the secret to Spanish culture. Forget about the language. Forget about the literature. Almodovar and everything else you might have ever considered quintessentially Spanish. The one and only real thread that keeps the peninsula together is the Tortilla de patata. (Potato Omelette) Foreigners think about Spain as a sunny place with … Continue reading Tortilla de Patata

Empanada de atun

I love Galician empanada. It is an amazing… pie. I first tried it when I was very small, as my parents’ house is in Pasaia (Paco Rabanne’s village by Victor Hugo’s hide away), a fishermen village full of Galicians. My favourites are the tuna or cod ones. Yes, surprise surprise, but bear in mind my … Continue reading Empanada de atun

Gambas al ajillo

I have often spoken about the pintxos, so let me talk today about the tapas for a change. Gambas al ajillo are one of those tapas that if the ingredients are fresh, they will put a smile on your face. They are simple to prepare and can be enjoyed within minutes, therefore you may cook … Continue reading Gambas al ajillo

Piquillo Red peppers

Piquillo Red pepper prepared this way are a very typical side dish to serve with steak back home (in the Basque Country). Various areas of the country use hot ones (in La Rioja, they have Alegria Riojana, a regional chilli that should be tasted!) but generally, it is the sweet variety that is most commonly … Continue reading Piquillo Red peppers

Jamon snack

Yesterday the man who was key to Spanish cinema evolution in the nineties through his human portraits of the darker side of society, past away. Bigas Luna left a rich legacy which extended beyond Spanish boundaries and amongst others he can be credited for the discovery of actors such as Javier Bardem or Penelope Cruz. … Continue reading Jamon snack

Jamon croquetes

Another lovely croqueta is the jamon croqueta… Ok, I know that a lot of people don’t eat Ham ,a nd so you probably don’t understand why anyone would be interested in using ham as an ingredient, but to those of you who do eat ham, I can only say that bias or not, the Spanish … Continue reading Jamon croquetes