Perfect steak, tips

I just wanted to share a few tips that I have learnt on how to cook a good steak.

1. Oil, salt and pepper are always placed on the steak. Never the pan, as they would burn.

2. Make sure that your pan is very hot. I personally have a cast iron grill which i wait to get smokey hot before placing any meat on it.

3. For an inch (1.5 cm) thick steak , cook 2 minutes in each side, in a very hot pan, without touching it for medium rare. 3 minutes for medium.

4. For thicker steaks , like fillet steak, I have learnt another way to control the cooking time.

Bear with me because this is a bit tricky to visualize. In the hand that you dont use to write, bring you index finger and your thumb together. Now , with your other hand, touch the meatie bump at the bottom of your thumb . Apparently, that is the way that a rare fillet steak should feel when it is ready.

Move one finger up, making the thumb and middle finger touch. You will see that the muscles tense more the further appart the fingers are. In the same way, when you cook meat, the further you cook it the tougher it gets. Again, touch the bump. That is how medium should feel when ready.

Finally, join the ring finger and the thumb. That is well done.

5. Always let the steak rest a couple of minutes before serving for the meat to relax.

Photograph by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate
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