Seafood Pasta

Ciao Bella is one of my favourite Italian restaurant in London. They are located in the most gorgeous street: Lambs conduit. We discovered this restaurant through a dear Japanese friend who studied with my husband a few years back and ever since, we regularly visit it as they do the most amazing seafood pasta in … Continue reading Seafood Pasta

Veggy prawns on old bread

This is an old post from a blog I used to have years ago. At the time, I grew my own vegetables in the back garden , but then the four cats from my next door neighbour made this impossible and so the posts, the blog and the vegetables were forgotten… until now. “Yesterday, at … Continue reading Veggy prawns on old bread

Pearl barley risotto

As one can imagine, being married to a Japanese citizen who loves cooking has many advantages, however, one must admit that every so often you do fancy looking for alternatives to white rice. Hence it occurred to me that using pearl barley (the same I use on my lunch time salads) on risotto, might just … Continue reading Pearl barley risotto

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Lunch time burrito

As I said in my previous recipe, I love using the chill con carne as part of my burritos. They make a lovely alternative to the ham and cheese sandwich and if you  put a bit of care , you can achieve something as tasty as those which you are sold in the market stall … Continue reading Lunch time burrito

Chili con Carne, my way

I love Mexican food in general and Chilli con Carne in particular. It is spicy, yet full of fresh flavours and it brightens up your cloudy days in this side of the world. Chili con carne is delicious with rice but also as part of my own take of another classical Mexican recipe : the … Continue reading Chili con Carne, my way

Office Pasty

When you work at an office, it is rather easy to forget about your lunch and sandwiches creep on to your pack lunch without been noticed. Suddenly, you find yourself eating just to keep n working with no pleasure at all. I don’t like this feeling. And so, I will look for alternative proposals that … Continue reading Office Pasty

Melanzane gratin

(I had to show you what was hiding beneath the Mozzarella before we begin.) Melanzane, Aubergine, is one of my favourite vegetables, therefore the day I discovered this dish, was one of the best. Whilst I was a student, I worked in three restaurants: Two Italian and one vegetarian. The best thing of working at … Continue reading Melanzane gratin

Patatas a la Riojana

My grandmother was from La Rioja, a wonderful part of the Spanish geography where the colours of both landscape and buildings change from red to yellow depending on where you are. The region, side by side with another amazing potato producing area called Araba ( the southern province of the Basque Country), has always enjoyed … Continue reading Patatas a la Riojana

Seafood Pasta

Ciao Bella is one of my favourite Italian restaurant in London. They are located in the most gorgeous street: Lambs conduit. We discovered this restaurant through a dear Japanese friend who studied with my husband a few years back and ever since, we regularly visit it as they do the most amazing seafood pasta in … Continue reading Seafood Pasta

Pasta risotto

I have tasted this pasta many times since I arrived at the UK. The salad bar at Waitrose has at least a salad using this pasta every summer, and so does M&S’. Back home, in San Sebastian, my hometown, one of my favourite pintxos bar uses this ingredient too. La Cuchara de San Telmo, the … Continue reading Pasta risotto

Fish pie

Just as i finished my architectural diploma and joined a practice called BPR, I discovered the world of fish pies. It was in the beginning of September when we were getting ready for the traditional BD Isle of Wight sailing event, when we arrived at a very old pub in the middle of Cowes, the … Continue reading Fish pie

Quick pasta

Ever since i was a student I have enjoyed different versions of this dish. It is simple, easy to prepare and most ingredients live in my cupboard, so I rarely have to shop when I need a quick lunch. Cooking time: 15 minutes Quantity: This mix serves 4 Tips: 1. Large pasta shells are normally … Continue reading Quick pasta

Perfect steak, tips

I just wanted to share a few tips that I have learnt on how to cook a good steak. 1. Oil, salt and pepper are always placed on the steak. Never the pan, as they would burn. 2. Make sure that your pan is very hot. I personally have a cast iron grill which i … Continue reading Perfect steak, tips

Beans stew

San Sebastian, my Home Town , is very near the French border. Whilst growing up , it was very usual to cross countries to do the weekly shopping. French came to Spain and we went to France for as long as I can remember. It was exciting as there were boundaries that made sure that … Continue reading Beans stew

Thai prawns

I love Thai food. It is fresh, light and full of flavours. When I first came to London, i was not even aware of what Thai cooking was but luckily for me, Brits returning from cheap trips to Thailand created a demand on their return. Everyone became interested. It sort of felt reminiscent of the … Continue reading Thai prawns

Onion soup

I feel awful, literally. Everyone in my office has now fallen sick at some point this winter and after surviving for such a long time, it would appear that my time is up as I am officially sick! The worst is that I am a very hyperactive person who thrives on activity and does not … Continue reading Onion soup

My Granma’s Pasta

I am not one to miss things or people from the past as I think that life would be wasted if I lived subscribed to the ” I miss so and so” club that many seem to be trapped in. I am often criticised for that, but I rather make an effort to keep in … Continue reading My Granma’s Pasta

Spring Time Risotto

Rice is one of my favourite ingredients, despite the fact that it is not in my native culture of the Basque Country. Rice in Spain, against foreign preconceptions, can be found in the Valencia area, where the Arabs planted it during their stay. You do eat paella, but in my experience as regularly as you … Continue reading Spring Time Risotto

Recipes from the web : mains

An Englishman’s Moussaka (LINK), A. Worral Thompson Roasted sweet potato with pecan and maple (LINK), Ottolenghi Cullen Skink (LINK), Rampant Scotland Besugo al Horno (LINK) , Moro

Summer salad

If you are remotely like me, the heat in the summer will take any cooking desire away from you. This salad, however, it is a great solution as it is light, fresh and requires minimum effort! It is inspired in the “harusame sarada” that Japanese enjoy during the summer months and I really like it! … Continue reading Summer salad

Pasta Putanesca

Puttanesca is one of my favourite pasta sauces. It was originated, I am told by my Napolitan friend Raffaele, in the streets of Napoli where the ladies of the night cooked it in the streets whilst waiting for the next customer. (Hence the name) I think it is a perfect dinner to prepare when you … Continue reading Pasta Putanesca

Mussels and salmon pasta

Roughly once a fortnight we cook this dish at home. Sometimes we buy the mussels prepared ( lazy, i know) sometimes not. Sometimes we use double cream, sometimes fresh cream (to feel less guilty) but we always use the most ridiculously large size plates in the house to serve the dish. There is a shop … Continue reading Mussels and salmon pasta

Frankfurt pasta

  Although we generally prefer to have seafood in our pasta, sometimes it is good to change ingredients. Cooking time: 20 minutes Quantity: This mix serves 2 Tips: 1. Always buy chopped tomatoes. That is, if you don’t live in a sunny place along the Mediterranean. I have tried to buy whole tomatoes in a … Continue reading Frankfurt pasta