Japan inspired

OChazuke (rice soup)

I am going to share a lazy, yet delicious secret with you. In Japan, when you go for a large slap up traditional meal, you tend to have the rice at the end. They offer it to you in various forms, but most frequently as a soup or onigiri. I personally love onigiri, at the … Continue reading OChazuke (rice soup)

Ice coffee

A few months ago I flew to Japan to visit my family. It was a rather warm weather, in the middle of the rainy season. I am not a fan of fizzy sugary drinks as they make me more thirsty over time, so I generally drink water to keep hydrated. However, Japan has an extensive … Continue reading Ice coffee

Sweet (Potato)

The second time I flew to Japan, in 2008, I remember seeing a man by a little truck in one of the touristic areas that we visited. It was one of the numerous viewing points of the mighty Mount Fuji in the gorgeous area of Izu and a very fitting backdrop to such an old form … Continue reading Sweet (Potato)

Tofu with Bonito flakes

This is the most requested dish of my husband’s repertoire in bbqs and dinner parties with fiends. It is a super quick and easy one to pull out of the bag if you have guests arriving unexpectedly and you just want to feed them with a light bite to accompany their drinks whilst to get … Continue reading Tofu with Bonito flakes


Okonimiyaki in one of my weaknesses when it comes to Japanese food. This is an original post from my blog at hola! Historia de una cocina Londinense dated 6th Aug 2013 “Okonimiyaki es una de mi debilidades en lo que se refiere a comida Japonesa. La mejor manera de describir este plato es “tortita”. Pero no … Continue reading Okonomiyaki

Quick Ramen

Traditionally, this quick snack which is such a key part of the Japanese way of life was not as widely available as sushi, however, it would appear, at least in London, that people in the west are ready to catch up. Original post from my blog at hola! : Historias de una cocina Londinense on the … Continue reading Quick Ramen

Cold soba

I was first introduced to cold soba by my former flatmate and friend Pauline. Her brother Benjamin studied Japanese and got a job with Japan Airlines back in 2000, thanks to which they travelled to Japan that summer. On her return, she had many stories to tell about the kawaii culture, architecture and food! Amongst … Continue reading Cold soba

Udon soup

Soup is great for gloomy days like today. Don’t know what it is about soup, but our bodies do tell us when the time has come for a nice bowl of. My father always has had sentences he’s repeated to death and one of his top five would have to be “a house without soup … Continue reading Udon soup

Salmon Teriyaki

This is a favourite of my husband and I and I must say it has become one of our regular weekly dishes with rice, salad and a lovely miso soup.


Despite the westernised version of Doraemon which has confused every child for it claims them to be filled with chocolate, these “pancakes” were traditionally filled with red-bean paste and are sold everywhere in Japan. They are very popular both with children and adults and now-a-days you can find all types of fillings (from custard to green team, … Continue reading Dorayaki