A Very English cuppa

I am going to be an aunt, for the fifth time, anytime now. It is exciting for many reasons… It will be my brother and sister in law’s first, we have no clue whether it will be a boy or a girl, and let’s face it, our family needs happy news. So, from Spain to … Continue reading A Very English cuppa

Recipe book from CZWG

A couple of years ago, a very lovely trainee architect from Brazil worked with us at CZWG. Her name is Marilia. Marilia, as well as a very talented architect, is a star baker who kept the office going with here wonderful creations. When the time to fly back to Brazil arrived, the CZWG team came … Continue reading Recipe book from CZWG

Autumn flavours

It is autumn out there in the north hemisphere, and since I was a child, I have always found many reasons to like autumn. The red on the leafs, the crisp sunny mornings, the whistling of the wind through the trees… Recently I acquired a new reason: yuzu ice cream. When I was a child … Continue reading Autumn flavours

Consejos para cocinar pasta

1. Si compráis tomate en lata , buscad la mejor calidad que podáis. elegid el que viene cortado en vez del entero, He intentado utilizar el entero en muchas ocasiones, pero las salsas se me han aguado y no me han salido tan buenas. En el reino Unido, conviene comprar marcas italianas, ya que el … Continue reading Consejos para cocinar pasta

Secret ingredients

Today I am going to share two secret ingredients with you. Two ingredients that i have discovered since I came to the UK: Firstly halloumi cheese. It is a Cypriot semi-hard cheese made out of a mix of goat and sheep milk. It is kept in brine and grilled before eating. It adds an amazing … Continue reading Secret ingredients