Breakfast and brunch

Lori’s pancakes

When I was studying architecture in Spain, we came across many foreign students as they used to lunch at our cafeteria. Many came and went and as they did, their Spanish adventure companions changed for those who stayed. As a result, we would be constantly introduced to new friends. I think the real social networking … Continue reading Lori’s pancakes


Frittata makes a lovely summer dish. You can make a lovely one with almost any type of ingredient and with a slice of lovely bread and a bit of salad, you are pretty much good to go! This recipe is very simple but quite seasonal and , to me, perfect this time of the year. … Continue reading Frittata

Oat Pan-Cake

I have no intention to bore you again with my feelings towards oat… But once you buy a pack for crumble, and bearing in mind it is only two of us, you do need to get creative so I came up with a rather nice idea which I would like to share if you let … Continue reading Oat Pan-Cake

Breakfast cake

I realise that this entry will be controversial but, first thing I need to come clear about is that I do not like cereals. Don’t misunderstand me, I like the sugary one with the tiger, the puff one with honey, any of the chocolate coated ones… in essence, anything that is not healthy. But cereals … Continue reading Breakfast cake


If you know about history, you will be aware of the years that followed the discovery of the Americas… i.e. the not-so-proud moments of Spanish history tinted with greed, imposition of old culture, colonisation etc. However, what you might not be aware of is the culinary contributions that came out of it: for instance, as … Continue reading Talo