Garlic bread

I love garlic bread. There are many ways to prepare it…

Italian: rubbing the slightly toasted slice of bread with garlic and drizzling with olive oil and maybe a couple of drops of balsamic and a pinch of salt. ( You could then top it up with some fresh mozzarella , basil and slightly roasted cherry tomatoes to make a delicious bruschetta. )

Catalan: (pan tumaca) rubbing the garlic and a fresh tomato cut in half on a slightly toasted slice of bread that is finished with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

The jamon version: this would be pan tumaca topped up with a slice of jamon on the top. My favourite would be a paleta de jamon Iberico (less costly than the Iberico to have on its own but richer in flavour and fattier than a serrano ham or a parma)

The British version: brushing up a mushed up clove of garlic on soft salted butter on the top of a slightly toasted slice of bread.


I could go on for hours but I guess that the main point i am trying to make on this post is that there is something special in the pairing of garlic and bread. And I have come to realise that it becomes more so when it is your own bread that you are working with as it is personal.

Photograph by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate
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