It has already been a few years since, inspired by my friends Aritz and Raffaele, I started making bread. Like in the best of dreams, the magical concoction of ingredients (water, flour, yeast and salt) keep bringing delicious leafs and the smell of that bread is one I could happily wake up to every day. (If only the baker was not I , of course)

Easy bread for beginners

For some reason, the men “around “me are baking bread. Office and outside the office, Uk and Spain. It is quite a phenomenon and can i feel that can only be understood going back to the basics. In the same way as a BBQ, the bread seems to provide a link back to the original … Continue reading Easy bread for beginners


It is pretty much the same recipe as the minis but for a large loaf. I wanted to show you some of the experiments that I have been doing simply by changing flour or adding a topping to the bread. For the loaf on the first image I chose whole grain seeded flour from a … Continue reading Ciabatta


If you are interested in science, this is a great experiment that will help you making delicious bread, so as far as experiments are concerned, you might say that it is a good one. Preparation time: 1 week outside the fridge, in the fridge from then on. Tools: A jar of 1 l capacity Mine … Continue reading Sour-dough

Mini ciabatta bread

My friend Raffaele gave me this recipe before Christmas and I have made quite a few versions of it since. Each time it has been a success. Cookings time: 15 minutes activation, 15 minutes prep + 90 minutes resting+ 10 minutes prep+ 30 minutes proving + 22 minutes bake Quantity: This mix makes 10 small … Continue reading Mini ciabatta bread

Garlic bread

I love garlic bread. There are many ways to prepare it… Italian: rubbing the slightly toasted slice of bread with garlic and drizzling with olive oil and maybe a couple of drops of balsamic and a pinch of salt. ( You could then top it up with some fresh mozzarella , basil and slightly roasted … Continue reading Garlic bread

Spelt bread

My office is full of frustrated creatives who are food fanatics. It is amazing how much people enjoy cooking and how much one can learn about food during a lunch time. Even a simple summer bbq on the roof falls only short of a gourmet experience. It is as though food has become the creative … Continue reading Spelt bread

Rye Bread

From the same flour I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I made this delicious Rye loaf. Cookings time: (5 hours for the sour dough to acclimatise) 15 minutes prep + 2hour resting+ 5 minutes of massaging + 5 hour developing on the mould + 10 minutes prep + (30+10) minutes bake Quantity: This mix … Continue reading Rye Bread

Seeded Bread

Yesterday I made bread… To cut the long story short, we recently purchased a seeded flour from a British brand called Allinson. They do great white flour and as there was an offer we decided to taste the seeded one. Tip: Seeds weight! (fact) Because of this, it is important that you consider the advice … Continue reading Seeded Bread

Walnut bread

A few days ago I run out of flour… every type of flour. Might have to clarify that I did run out of any flour. This post was first posted on my blog at hola! : Historias de una cocina Londinense n the 21st of June 2013) “Hace unos dias me quede sin harina . Quizá … Continue reading Walnut bread

Rosco de Reyes

The 5th of January is my birthday and, ever since I moved to the UK, I am rarely back home to celebrate. On the top of this, more often than not (not this year), I have to work as there are no three wise men celebrations in the Uk and spending one’s birthday on your … Continue reading Rosco de Reyes

My Torrijas

Ever since I arrived in London I realised that Torrijas are to Spanish the equivalent of Pancakes to Anglosaxons. I originally published this recipe in my Hola! blog Historias de una cocina Londinense, hence it is in Spanish. “Desde que llegue a Londres, me di cuenta de que las torrijas son el equivalente español de los … Continue reading My Torrijas

Bread & butter pud

This is a dessert with humble origins which if cooked right, can be as delicious as the most delicate tart. I promise. I first published this post on my Hola! blog Historias de una cocina Londinense Este es un postre de orígenes humildes que si se hace bien, puede ser tan delicioso como la tarta mas … Continue reading Bread & butter pud