Afternoon tea

Melon and berries jam

This is an old recipe from a blog I had many years ago (at the time when i grew my own vegetables in the front garden). A few weeks ago I bought two Galia melons, for the price of one. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but soon I realised that I … Continue reading Melon and berries jam

Mum S’s tree

When choosing a house many people look for space within the house and accept compromises in regard to external spaces. However, when my parents in law decided to purchase their current house, it was the garden that made an impact. Or so did mum explained. The variety of trees include a ginkgo, orange tree and … Continue reading Mum S’s tree

Banana-cream muffin

This is another one of the recipes i prepared for las week’s fund raising at my office: ( (more here). They are magdalenas with a banana cream topping, but i was very pleased with both the flavours and their presentation. This was originally posted on my Hola! blog Historias de una cocina Londinense on the 29th of … Continue reading Banana-cream muffin

Banana & choco loaf

In the UK, fundraising for all sorts of causes is part of the daily life. The majority of people make contributions of all sorts through out the year, and a wide range of projects benefit from the citizens initiative. First published on my Hola! blog Historias de una cocina Londinense on the 29th of June 2014 … Continue reading Banana & choco loaf

Carrot Cake

Last February, one of my colleagues (Bernard) left my former office to join a contractor. At the time, many did not understand the reasons behind the change and there were many comments going around. Personally, I am of the opinion that each one of us must find their own path and where ever there isn’t one … Continue reading Carrot Cake

Chocolate Sponge

This is a chocolate sponge cake which is very useful to know. You can use it in many ways, as I plan to show in the future. It could be one of the layers of a trifle, cut in regular size slices could be part of a layered chocolate custard chocolate sponge tower, or even … Continue reading Chocolate Sponge

My Easter Cake

With the Easter biscuits recipe on this blog and the Bizcocho one, you will have the basis of this cake. I used some of the biscuit mixes (vanilla and chocolate ones) to create some egg shaped biscuits. I covered the Bizcocho with a thin layer of chocolate which I made by mixing 100 gr of chocolate … Continue reading My Easter Cake

Easter biscuits

Easter is meant to be a religious time but in my experience it has generally been linked to particular moments around the table: There is the roasted lamb of Easter Sunday, the torrijas for breakfast, the chocolate eggs you give and receive and , of course, the Mona de Pascua my gran insisted in buying. … Continue reading Easter biscuits


Ever since I arrived in London I began to notice that British cooking has plenty of secrets. The Brits seem to have managed to hide those from the rest of the world but ever since i arrived, I have made my business to learn about them. This time (as they tend to do with borrowed recipes … Continue reading Scones

Almond muffins

A few weeks ago, and having forgotten to buy oil, I began searching through the net a magdalenas recipe I could use. This is when I first came across a great sounding recipe by Patricia. Patricia is a blogger who has an enormous amount of followers. Her amazing cooking blog which is something of an … Continue reading Almond muffins

Pork free polvorones

Living in London is great for many reasons, one of the main ones that you are exposed to a world of cultures without even leaving the city. You can practically find at least one person of each country you can think of, and this means that you get used to any dietary requirements of those … Continue reading Pork free polvorones

Banana & Vanilla muffins

Based on the magdalenas recipe, I had some spare fruit in the house which I decided to recycle. Cooking time: 15 minutes + 30 minutes Quantity: This mix makes a dozen and a half (16) muffins Tips: 1. I used a mix of brown and white sugar as the first one adds a depth of … Continue reading Banana & Vanilla muffins

Very Berry Muffins

I am beginning to feel guilty facing the sad realisation that my time in the kitchen is far too limited these days. Yet again, it is for breakfast that I am baking. This time though, my idea has been to introduce oat in the mix and to use up the frozen berries that survived my … Continue reading Very Berry Muffins

No yoghurt bizcocho

Here is the thing, ever since I started making bizcochos for breakfast, there were two things bothering me: firstly the number of eggs that the original recipe requires and secondly the amount of flour. Why? You may ask…. Lack of planning time, is my answer. In London, I have fallen on a routine that keeps … Continue reading No yoghurt bizcocho


7My father loves marmalade and jams. He will always say that strawberry jam is his favourite; but to be honest, after all these years observing his obsession, i have to question this as I have concluded that my dad has many favourites. When I was a child, during our summer holidays, mom used to make … Continue reading Mermelada

Mini Victoria sponge cakes

A few weeks ago as I was super busy preparing my exams, two of my English colleagues, Emily and Mark, explained to me the secret of a good Victoria sponge cake. Ever since that day, i have wanted to taste their theory, which apparently is common knowledge in England but which I knew nothing about. … Continue reading Mini Victoria sponge cakes

Chocolate almond magdalenas

I am back in the kitchen. Finishing the project that has taken more than five years, studying for the UK registration and setting up a business are enough things to keep anyone up at night. Luckily for me, I have found a little bit of time to cook some lovely magdalenas to cheer me up … Continue reading Chocolate almond magdalenas

Mango muffins

This morning, watching the Saturday Kitchen show I was inspired to bake some muffins. I looked in my cupboard and found the can of mango that I did not need when preparing the leopard cake last week. Tadah! I am a true believer of “use what you have”. I always look in the cupboard before … Continue reading Mango muffins


When I was growing up, this bizcocho was one of the first recipes that we all learn to cook. It was a very easy introduction to baking and given that the measuring cup is that of a yoghurt pot (125 gr pot). Years later, my then flatmate Pauline would also make these when her parents … Continue reading Bizcocho


I love this recipe. It reminds me of my grandmother’s afternoon tea break, when she used to have a yoghurt and a magdalena to pass her pills. I know that it may sound sad but with time, I remember it with melancholy rather than sadness. She would sit at the round table at the library, … Continue reading Magdalenas