I know, I know, you are right! I suck. I have been so busy with my consultancy, my role as NAWIC’s regional chair , Spanish blog etc… that I have completely let you all down.

Well, the good news is that as I have been eating, I have quite a few tips to share with you since last time we spoke and i plan to start sharing right now. Today, I just want to share with you an oldie but (very) goodie in the gorgeous town of Brighton: The Regency Restaurant. Our favourite seafood spot in town.

It is a local restaurant which used to be contained within the building but which popularity has rocketed to such a point that their tables are not extending along the pavement of its beautiful context (Regency Square). Bearing this in mind, my tips are that you either eat at 2 or you book a table.

Last summer we celebrated my parents’ 43rd wedding anniversary at the restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed the food. We did however, have to wait around a bit so if you are planning to bring your family with you (old, very young and everything in between), you might want to be early

There are many things to enjoy (seasonal and budget related), but will do my best to explain the dishes you will generally be able to find.

seafood salad

The Regency Restaurant’s seafood salad has a very British dish. The pickled seafood mixed with fresh ingredients adds an edge and a traditional seaside flavour.


Their grilled sardines are a joy in the summer months. Fresh and simple , they come with chips on the side .


But be mindful that the grilled fish medley platter, in addition to the sword fish and salmon, may come with sardines too, so do ask to avoid repeating yourself… as we did


The mixed seafood platter is a fantastic one to share… Personally, having tried the thermidor lobster, i would rather have it with garlic butter time (I am always partial to simplicity)


Finally the fish of the day (Dover sole in this occasion) was both delicious and fresh.

As I explained, on this occasion, we were having a celebration; but we would normally go for a couple of dishes to share if we were alone (a seafood salad or a whole crab and a grilled fish would be more than enough) As the portions are large , I would advice you to be hungry when you visit the restaurant.

You might be wondering about dessert… if so, I can say that the ice creams are delicious and a great touch to end a copious meal.

My final tip might sound unusual… you might have heard of the Brighton Pavilion. A folly built by Prince Regent George IV  for the love of his life Maria Fitzherbert …. well, next door to it there is the Brighton museum and art gallery. A beautiful building in the site that was originally planned as a stables and tennis court pavilion, in 1873, became the first is purpose built museum in England. The quality of its exhibitions made it a popular destination from the beginning and the most popular souvenir, a booklet of postcards, can give you a sense of what it would have been like in Victorian times (here).

In its most recent reincarnation, following a redevelopment, its fantastic permanent collection focuses on design in the widest of temrs.


Brighton University has a strong focus on design and it is therefore hardly surprising to find such an interesting collection . You will find examples of art, pottery and fashion that are relevant to the town and will give you a good insight to this beautiful place.


From an architectural point of view, i found it more to my taste than the Pavilion too and with free access for locals and a fiver for adults, a much more affordable choice too.

Photographs by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate
Text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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