Panda garden, Lewes

Despite the widely acknowledged beauty of East Sussex, which includes best known towns such as Brighton Hastings and Rye, you may have not yet been aware of the charming town of Lewes and so could therefore be, at this very moment, wondering why on earth I am sending you to a Chinese restaurant in the … Continue reading Panda garden, Lewes

The White Hart Inn, Winchcombe

Set over the River Isbourne, Winchcombe, is a small and beautiful village in the less touristic part of the north Cotswolds. Almost equidistant from busier Broadway and Cheltenham, it is full of character and does feel like a step back in time.


I know, I know, you are right! I suck. I have been so busy with my consultancy, my role as NAWIC’s regional chair , Spanish blog etc… that I have completely let you all down. Well, the good news is that as I have been eating, I have quite a few tips to share with you … Continue reading Brighton

Essex! : West Mersea Oyster Bar

Ever since the first time I saw images of Mersea Island‘s eerie landscapes I have been looking forward to visiting it. Set in the outskirts of Colchester, it has admittedly taken me many years to get there (not literally, of course) but today’s visit (the first of many, I am sure) has been worth the wait. The drive … Continue reading Essex! : West Mersea Oyster Bar


A few years ago, two university friends of my husband told us about a little seaside town in Kent called Whitstable. They described it as “the place to go” to eat good oysters; however, despite various attempts to organize a joint visit … It did not materialize. To make matters worst, last year, as my … Continue reading Whitstable