Architecture in Andalucia

Over the summer, two dear friends came to visit us from China and as well as staying with us, they decided to visit a few different areas of Spain.

With this in mind, I researched which places, with an emphasis in architecture,  might be of interest to them.  share my research in this post should others be able to benefit from it. (Please note that all words in red are hyperlinks to relevant websites: click on them)

This post is my way of sharing what I found out with the world, should others be able to benefit from it. (Please note that all words in red are hyperlinks to relevant websites: click on them)

The cities they decided to visit were Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada.
The time they had allocated was four days (including the travels ).


Examples of old Moorish architecture I love:
La Giralda and the cathedral: The Giralda is the old Minaret, from the time when the cathedral was used a mosque.
El alcázar, it is a gorgeous palace with spectacular gardens and fountains
Plaza de España and the Maria Luisa Park, both beautiful examples of public realm

Examples of contemporary architecture:
Airport by Rafael Moneo,
Santa Justa Train station by Cruz y Ortiz
Metropol Parasol by Jürgen Mayer-Hermann
Teaching school at the Seville University by Cruz Y Ortiz

You could also visit the Isla de la Cartuja where structures left from the Expo 92 can still be found next to some further additions such as the Torre Triana by Saenz de Oiza or the Andalusian institute of biotechnology by Sol89

To eat, my most favourite and memorable meals were in bars around the cathedral eating tapas: they have brilliant jamon, gazpacho (cold tomato soup), fantastic sherry wine (manzanilla for aperitive and fino with lunch) and pescaito frito (deep fried fish) and many other things.


Of course in Granada one has to visit the Alhambra and Generalife (the gardens). It is a wonderful place.

The Albaizin is a medieval neighbourhood nearby and the gipsy one of Sacromonte, where caves are a housing typology, and where there are many guitar shops and flamenco shows.

I found many restaurants that sounded great but I was not sure about where my friends’ hotel was and, therefore suggested to them to ask at the hotel…These are some of those that looked interesting : Alacena de las Monjas, AlamedaTendido 1

I also found unusual interesting places such as the tea house Calle Elvira (in the Albaizing) or the Arab style spas:  Ajibe de San Miguel, Hammam, Banos de Elvira

Contemporary architecture:
From one of my favourite architects (Campo Baeza) the Museum of the memory of Andalusia (Brochure with info here)
Muralla Nazarí en el Alto Albaicín / Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas


Mudejar architectures are very visible in Cordoba (mixed culture architectures: Moorish/Jewish and Christian )

City’s synagogue
The Mezquita (within the cathedral)
Santa Marta convent
Santa Cruz Convent
The courtyards of Cordoba
Alcazar de los reyes cristianos

Contemporary architecture:
Bus station by Cesar Portela,
Open air activity hub by Paredes Pino Arquitectos,
Madinat al Zahra Museum by Nieto Sobejano

I found through my research that the Sociedad Plateros Maria Auxiliadora is a popular choice for lunch… it is very old and well known cofradia (the group of people who belong to a church and part take in the Easter celebrations) and serves local food cooked traditionally. 

Photography by various authors, click on each image to read further
Text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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