The attendant, coffee-loo

British people are known, across the world, for their eccentricity and it is for this reason that the following idea for a cafe makes sense… at least in London, for I could not imagine any other place, in the world, where one would go to the toilet to eat a sandwich.

The attendant opened its doors around 1890, in a former life as a Victorian Public lavatory.

The lavishly decorated loo laid abandoned for five decades until the team behind The Attendant (LINK) brought it back to life repurposing the gorgeously over the top Doulton & Co features.


Despite the fact that this is not the first repurposing of a look I have seen, it is one of the most sympathetic ones, for it embraces, rather than redefines its history.

Should its architecture not be enough for you to pop by this little gem at the heart of Fitzrovia, the coffee is pretty delicious too.


Never before you will leave a cafe as confused … or at least, I know I haven’t

Photographs by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate (with mobile, so apologies for the quality)
Text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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