Stroll from Primrose Hill to Regent’s Park

To me, Primrose hill is THE secret park of London.

For some reason, only locals go there and this is evident from the way mundane activities take place there.

The parents with children seem to fit with the place. The runners going up or down the rather steep hill, have clearly been there before. The couples laying around reading books under the trees seem to even have a favourite reading spot and so and so.

Only a few climb to the top for the first time to look down on to the city form one of the high point that surround it… the rest, in a very precise way, direct their steps to the place where their “mark” is to take part in the performance that Primrose Hill is each day.

In the bottom of the Hill sits Regents park. Regents park is an amazing place where, unfortunately, the most famous attraction seems to be the zoo. However,one has to say that, it is a gorgeous little heaven in the heart of the city.

It has endless water features which connect along the multiple routes and lead you through ever changing groups of trees, flowers and birds.

You can also find an incredibly surprising selection of flowers which change with every season… you often forget that this is the heart of such a large metropolis.

There is also a beautiful Japanese garden with a completely different selection of trees and rocks… even the scale is different.

Near York gate, on the west side of the boating lake, another happy surprise, this time in the form of the funniest collective of birds that you can imagine… London is such an amazing place sometimes….

And of course, the famous rose gardens which to those who love roses are the equivalent of a candy store for a child.

Photography by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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