New London Cafe, at last

Last week my colleagues and I were on the way to the office from a meeting when we realised that we were about to drive pass the New London Cafe.

And so, as any reasonable gastronomer would do when facing the opportunity to discover the charming place that has taken over Tripadvisor by storm, we parked the car and went in for a quick lunch.


It is a small but well formed cafe where service is welcoming and the menu fills you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The ethos of the cafe  “Great coffee, delicious food and community” are evident from first sight and I am not at all surprised that it keeps attracting locals, because in a city like London, despite claims of Londoners not liking other humans, people long for a sense of place, and this one feels like and stablished one.


It would be unfair to not comment on the beautiful vintage deco of the cafe (a passion of the owners) which, in a miserable day like the one we chose to visit, made us forget the grey day we had left outside.

Everything is cute and delicious. Traditional teas and coffees are served with a complementary biscuit (a very European touch).


When we arrived, all tables were full and we chose to sit at the gorgeous terrace “resigned to our fate” for the love of food. We ordered and began to sip our drinks when one of the waitresses came to invite us in to a newly vacant table.


Veggie Burger – Grilled mixed veg, Portobello garlic mushroom, red onion and melted cheddar.” (extracted from the cafe’s website)

When i read the menu something stood out… The “vegetarian burger” . Served with a delicious salad, it was a pile of carefully roasted delicious vegetables in a very light bun and a lovely melted cheddar that gave it a touch of Englishness  . I was super impressed.


Torero burger” 7 oz beef burger with Spanish chorizo, hallumi, tomato and lettuce

My colleagues went for the chorizo burger , where the Cafe’s Turko-Spanish origin is evident. They too had a salad, and were more than impressed by the quality of the meat and the cooking skills. (So much so that they have already made plans to return)

Everyone has been talking about them and about their hard work and commitment to good quality food. Having visited the cafe, I am not at all surprised. They have earned it.

Photographs by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate
Text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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