Lahore, Commercial road

Oh my, oh my! This restaurant is incredible… Just look at the pictures if you don’t believe me!

(original post from a previous email 18.09.2009)

Last week we went to a party, the launch of the book of some colleagues at the WhiteChapel gallery. It was a intimate event which gave us a chance to talk to people we have worked with in different projects but had never met face to face and also to meet some new faces. Around 8:30 though, we begun to feel a bit hungry.

One of my colleagues, an Italian who has lived in the city since his teens, had mentioned earlier a Pakistani restaurant off Commercial road, which apparently was a favourite amongst those working at the office… I could not wait to try it! Particularly as this colleague has been dinning at the place since he was younger than his son is now and he still does dine there !

The place is very discreet, and when you walk in you know that something amazing will happen, as the level of activity around the kitchen can be seeing from every corner of the dinning area through a glass wall


As soon as you sit down, they bring you salad and water, and the waiters are totally attentive to make sure that you have a great dinning experience. Old school hosting at its best.

We had been told that there is a person doing each type of task: bread, grilled meat, curry, vegetables…and that the bread (roti) is amazing… It sure it is. (later on the night we even had the chance to see how it is made in a tandori(?) oven)

We didn’t order, our colleague did, and despite the fact that we ate a lot, we surely would have been happy with a fourth person at the table :-)


Starters were tika mixed meats platter (chicken, lamb in a kebab type of sausage shape, and lamb chops). The lamb was delicious, milk lamb, like the one i used to have in la Rioja (where my grandma was from) just grilled over a fire made of vine timber… at Lahore, it was macerated but the flavours were perfectly balanced and the lamb tasted amazing.

We spoken to the waiter about the butcher, as I have not found such a quality since i arrived in the uk where the lamb is always old, and he wisely said: there are 4 individuals involved in making a good lamb dish: the lamb, healthy and young, the butcher, the person marinating and the chef cooking!


For mains, we had rice, and three curries: chicken, vegetables and lamb…. I can never eat so much lamb as i get sick with fatty foods, but this was not at all fatty. It melted in your mouth, like my grandma´s stews…. incredible!

This meal was totally a journey to an old way of doing things… a journey which i cant wait to repeat soon… I am told that although they have more restaurants, this is the best, as the volume they cater for allows them to cook in the best possible way!