La Petite Poissonnerie

Japanese food is one of my favourites but we often find that it is also one of the most expensive ones you can find in London. Authentic Japanese food is often overpriced and people end up eating in non-Japanese pretend venues where the quality gets diluted.

Luckily for us, we have found a great place with first class ingredients and inexpensive prices at the heart of the city.  Today, I will be sharing this with you.


Known to the Japanese community, this Franco-Japanese business is both a fishmonger and an informal eatery. La Petite Poissonnerie (LINK) trades from two locations: The Chalk Farm one where we sometimes purchase fish to cook at home, and the Portman Village in Marylebone one where one can enjoy a meal for a very reasonable price.

The style of the business is a very Japanese version of French. A large display of the fish available for purchase takes central place and small hand written signs inform customers of dishes such as black code which are also available to take home.

The Marylebone business, as I mentioned, offers the possibility of a sit-down lunch with a delicious offer.

From three types of oysters (Maldon being our favourites)


To a sashimi donburi with your choice of two fishes for under six pounds.


If you like Japanese food and want to enjoy a simple yet delicious lunch in a place without pretensions , do make sure you visit.


If you live in North London and are looking for Japanese style prepared fish to cook at home, the Chalk Farm branch is a place you should acquaint yourself with.

A hub for the Japanese community, the queue was a spectacle to be seen in New Year’s Eve.



  • The black cod is delicious and well balanced but they often run out. Do call in advance to make sure you don’t miss out. Same applies for the New Year platters.
  • We discovered that they make the most delicious smoked salmon too. It is not like the one you buy sliced but the old school one. It has the right level of smokiness and it is delicious on a salad.
  • They have 3 types of oysters… our favourites are Maldon oysters but the fine de Claire are also delicious.

Photography (Taken with my phone)  and text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

Please feel free to use this entry for your own personal use, not commercially. All images are the property of the author/s as specified and all rights are reserved. If you wanted to share any of the information provided, send a link to the website but do not extract/copy the information without prior permission.

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