This probably doesn’t happen to you…

But as much as people keep claiming bewilderment from finding 5-pound notes in their pockets…

“My skill” is in finding forgotten images (mostly but not exclusively) in unexpected places.

Today, for example, having located my Walkman… cable (yes, that also happens to me), I discovered a set of images from an afternoon boat trip to Greenwich with the traditional pub lunch .


It was 2010 and the London Olympics were not even on the horizon… almost literally as the stadium was being built. As a result, London’s skyline was much less exploited than these days and one cannot even see the Shard !

(Note to oneself: Remember to take the same photos when the wintery weather decides to leave town and compare)


It is remarkable how different East India Looks now.

How many times i must have taken the DLR to go to site, in Canning town, all those years ago and how different it felt a few weeks ago when i attended Ecobuild.

(For anyone wanting to check, please note that neither Bing nor Google have updated the area since event a few months before i took these, and so you will have to trust me on this)


Thankfully, the park has changed little and London still is “the” European green capital …for a couple of months at least .

(Quick note regarding the Brexit discussion… I love London and I have loved living in London for such a long time (19 years). Same applies to living AND holidaying in the UK and as a productive positive contributor to this country, I am awfully saddened to not have a voice in a discussion that will affect my future. Ok, so that is me done!)


Cascades… CZWG’s beginning in the Docklands. The beginning of the Docklands! a very fitting final images to wish the practice that was such a big part of my life (*8* years no less!) happy 40th Birthday! May the next 40 be as bright , joyous and eccentric!

Photographs by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate (with mobile, so apologies for the quality)
Text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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