Bintang, Camden

We discovered Bintang on the Sunday of Chinese New year weekend.

After a whole weekend working I looked for an Asian restaurant of any type on our way home to celebrate the beginning of the year of the horse.

We were not sure what to expect as, being sort of locals and users of the bike shop that is nearby, we had failed to notice this little gem before the day.


The place has been refurbished “recently” and it feels very Asian in many positive ways: unpretentious, original and with a permanent supply of 1950s music. (We instantly were charmed by it)


On arrival, we were offered a lovely table by the window,  were told about the Bring Your Own Wine policy and after a shot trip to the off license situated next door we dived into the menu.

The menu was like a dream come truth… It was as though someone had chosen many of our favorite dished from all over Asia and made a menu with them. The variety was incredible. There were Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese and Filipino … dishes to choose from.


On that first visit we ate tofu aubergine bin tang curry, ikankukus (steamed sea bass) and duck gua bao and everything was amazing that we retuned two weeks later.

The ingredients are fresh and well cooked every time, with a twist each time that makes each visit unique .

We have since visited the place regularly (even with a large group of friends ), and it has never disappointed us.

Some tips I would gladly share are:

  • The evening chef cooks better than the day time one.
  • Book your table in advance .
  • If you are bringing your own drink, the off license next door is a bit overpriced, so buy your favorite wine and bring it with you.
  • Adventure yourself in the menu… Below some of our favorites


Duck gua bao, a delicious Taiwanese steamed bun with delicious duck and salad. (They have a minimum order of two for those)


Garlic rice and King prawn Ulek curry


Salt & Pepper squid with a tamarind sauce dip.


Pad Thai



Tofu and aubergine ulek curry



Garlic rice



Ikan bintang : Seabass

Photographs by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate (with the mobile)
Text by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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