The houses of Parliament

Without a doubt, as an architect and permanent tourist of London, The Houses of Parliament are to me , together with St Paul’s Cathedral, one of the city’s most iconic buildings.

Lumiere: Festival of Light 2016, London

Organised by Artichoke, the trust specialised in bringing art to the masses in the context of the city, and whose projects have included the crowd stopping  The Sultan’s Elephant and the 4th plinth, this was an enchanting festival that last January brought Londoners onto the streets despite the cold.

The Conway Hall

Open house London is an event that takes over the streets of London in the middle of September each year . (This year: yesterday and today)

Song Que Cafe

(The Song Que Cafe frontage, a bright green reference in the street-scape)

Kew Gardens

When I first arrived to London a French friend of mine, who was the biggest fan of the Uk, told me about this place.


I cannot even remember when was the last time I sat at a restaurant while I listened to good music being played on vinyl.

Story Pizza

The pizzas at Story are very thin yet packed with flavour thanks to the very generous organic toppings which are, no doubt, the star of each dish.

The attendant, coffee-loo

British people are known, across the world, for their eccentricity and it is for this reason that the following idea for a cafe makes sense… at least in London, for I could not imagine any other place, in the world, where one would go to the toilet to eat a sandwich. The attendant opened its … Continue reading The attendant, coffee-loo

Corner Room

London is packed with surprises, but they generally come in the form of some cultural discovery.

Ichiryu, udon paradise in London

Last week, during our Japanese food shopping, we came across an add for Ichiryo, a new udon restaurant due to open in New Oxford Street.

Savoro of Barnet

We have recently completed the refurbishment of an apartment in North Finchley

New London Cafe, at last

Last week my colleagues and I were on the way to the office from a meeting when we realised that we were about to drive pass the New London Cafe.

Loong Kee

When, like me, you have been going to the same Vietnamese restaurant for years and years, the idea of considering an alternative in another part of the city it is, some how, a much easier task than doing so next door to your favourite eatery.

Nopi, London

I cannot remember ever starting a restaurant review by discussing its architecture, specially in regards to its lavatories.

Pera Okabashi, North Finchley

As part of our business (Atelier Eura) back in September 2013 we purchased a property in North Finchley, an area of London unknown to us, at the time, full of charm and opportunities.

Hing Lee, Shad Thames

We had often found ourselves in Shad Thames looking for something to eat, and generally resorted to nearby Bermondsey Street since the offer in the riverfront  (except the Blue Print cafe that is) seems overpriced and touristic to us at least.

Lahore, Commercial road

Oh my, oh my! This restaurant is incredible… Just look at the pictures if you don’t believe me!

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella is one of our favourite Italian restaurants in London. They are located in the most gorgeous street: Lambs conduit. Lambs conduit is a shopping paradise . It has many independent and small chains where you will find gorgeous bags, bikes, bed throws, candles, shoes, jackets, dresses, old maps and designer stationary , to … Continue reading Ciao Bella

Mix kebab at Mangal, Dalston

Dalston has become, in the past few years, the centre of cool in London. From the independent shops to the cafes, barbers or restaurants, the whole area feels buzzing of creativity. It feels like a community that wants to live in the area, not only pass by, a community that has settled down and integrated … Continue reading Mix kebab at Mangal, Dalston

Bintang, Camden

We discovered Bintang on the Sunday of Chinese New year weekend.

Muga, Ramen in London

Despite the fact that I live in London , i don’t remember when was the last time that I stood in Piccadilly circus waiting for friends. That is , of course, before last Friday night.