Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum

“Shiba Ryotaro is one of the best known historical novel writers in Japanese history.

His researched work has been translated to a large number of languages and within Japan he is regarded as a hero.

This museum is set around his house and the window from his studio, overlooking a wonderful garden, sets the pace for one of the most wonderful architectural experiences that Tadao Ando has ever created.

A swiping path allows you to glance into the Master’s studio and lead you into the main building where Ando uses a variety of tricks to enhance the experience of the space. Light, materials and scale are used cleverly to overwhelm visitors and bring them to heart of Shiba’s world.


1. You cannot take photos inside, hence there are none here, pls don’t. 2.As you get to the lower level of the

2.As you get to the lower level of the cathedral-like window, look up to the left side of the window and you will see a stain on the ceiling which many believe to be shaped as the hero of Ryotaro’s best-known novel “Ryoma ga yuku” (Extracted from the Mimoa Project Page I created: here)