Hiroshima, as i know it

Most people in the west know Hiroshima for the reason that is not a fair representation of the great city that it is. I have always felt uncomfortable about the events that the world saw unveiling all those years ago, but like the rest of my family I do not wish to dwell on those, as the city I have come to know is a fantastic happy and welcoming place.


There are many things I like in Hiroshima: The generous layout of its urban grid, the sense of space one feels in every street, its riverside, castle, tram system and amazing food are just a few. People are lovely and hard working and you can really feel a sense of identity in this modern city


In June 2010 I travelled o Hiroshima with my parents and we felt at home in the strangest most natural sort of way. A massive street party had turned the streets into a night market where you could buy dinner, sweets, dance and play fun fair type of games. It was wonderful.


People, old and young, were dressed up in wonderful kimonos, yukatas and jimbes to welcome a new season, and inundating the streets of colour.

Photograph by Tsuyoshi Saeki .

Another thing I love about Hiroshima is the Hiroshima Okonomiyaki…. the most delicious of all okonimiyakis :-) There is in the centre of town something that it is bizzarly called the okonomiyaki town. A must, if you visit town! It is a multi-storey building where every restaurant competes to be the best. If you ever visit, I would advice you to go to the one by the door on the first floor. They are the best but do bear in mind that they rarely are open in the evening as they regularly run out of ingredients. Yes, that popular!

In our last visit to town we discovered a brand new wonderful place… The new okonomiyaki town ;-), nearby the train station. On the east side, i think, where the food market is, there is a tall building facing the station ( sort of to the right) . You will know which one because there are food pictures around the lifts.



On the 6th floor, straight ahead from the right hand side lift, there is a place called Cabbage,where the chef is a woman who cooks the best okonomiyakis I have ever tested. She has a “special” which is delicious and well worth the visit.

Photography by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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