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“Help women and girls achieve their ambitions” #PledgeForParity

Today is International Women’s Day, #IWD2017 , and like every year, I use the opportunity to renew my pledge and commitment to fellow women. Since I was a child my paternal mother, a railway engineer, inspired the family to pursue a professional career through her example; my maternal grandmother through her compassion and creativity and my mum through her sheer determination. Now, it is my turn to inspire my nieces. As regional Chair for #NAWICUK & Ireland, in London and the South East, I volunteer side by side with a fantastic team of committed individuals to redefine the future of the industry we feel so passionate about. And today, (with them) I will aim to inspire the girls at Preston Manor, London, to look beyond the role models presented to them by the media into a wider range of opportunities which can literally shape the future of our cities. If you wonder, what is it that you could do to support the same pledge, I would like to share some suggestions for there are many things we can do …


(From my Behance Portfolio which i am in the process of deleting) Project for CZWG Architects Llp. Website / CV/Profile Photographs The brief for this project was to create a set of portraits that matched the style that the company’s original photographer, the wonderful Janie Airey, had set for the company’s image. Since she was last employed to do so, there were both new arrivals who needed to be photographed and people who were keen to have their photograph updated. I am quite pleased with the results, from the portrait point of view, as they are a good reflection of the person behind the image. The light, though, was inconsistent as it was all natural light dependant. Giorgos, Greek Architect Photograph by Cristina Lanz Azcarate Vivianna, Italian Senior Architect Photograph by Cristina Lanz Azcarate Carol, Irish Architectural Technician Photograph by Cristina Lanz Azcarate Carol, Irish Architectural Technician Photograph by Cristina Lanz Azcarate Alex, Bulgarian Architectural Technician Photograph by Cristina Lanz Azcarate Marilia, Brazilian Architect-to-be Photograph by Cristina Lanz Azcarate Siobhan, English Architect-to-be Photograph by Cristina Lanz Azcarate Yasmine, Iranian Architect to be Photograph …

New LinkedIn Layout – A Very Different Desktop Experience

Article first published on my Scoopit  (LINK) on the 24th of January 2017 “Burutapen’s insight: LinkedIn has become the standard way to keep your personal/professional database up to date. By removing the need to keep updating your contacts’ details and making each individual responsible for updating their own, the Social Network became one of the most useful tools in the belt. Unfortunately, the same free services which tend to engage audiences are often victims of their own success and once more 2017 has seen some of the benefits which Linked offered stripped to the core. With those changes, accessibility has been made difficult as so have other things which we had grown accustomed to taking for granted.  Luckily, I have found a rather useful list to get around some of the initial frustrations you will be experiencing when you get back to the work mode. (Did you know only circa 22/25% of registered users actually use LinkedIn?)  “

Una vida mas saludable

This post was first published on the 18th of January 2017 at my Womenalia blog (LINK) “Cuando llegué a Londres, en realidad llegué a los suburbios. A Kingston Upon Thames, en concreto, un pueblo cuya escala es adecuada para la vida de estudiante en lo que se denomina Greater London. El primer año, me desplacé en patines a todas partes. Lloviera o no, tanto mis compañeros de piso como yo patinábamos sin cesar. Nuestros fines de semana a menudo incluían un viaje a Hyde Park donde las horas pasaban sin siquiera enterarnos. El segundo año, sin embargo , mi compañera de piso y yo decidimos comprar bicicletas y desde entonces, esa ha sido mi manera preferida para desplazarme a través de la ciudad. Mucho ha llovido (literalmente) desde entonces y ahora vivo en el centro; sin embargo, pese a tener un coche, la bicicleta sigue siendo mi vehículo principal. En la primavera del 2015, como os conté, comencé un trabajo de asesoría tres días a la semana. Un trabajo muy intenso en un contexto muy …

My Design Museum review

Article first published on my Scoopit  (LINK) on the 10th of December 2016  “Burutapen’s insight: The Design Museum opened its doors in its new venue only a few days ago and as the curious architect with a passion for design I am, I could not resist the offer and join my husband and friends on a first visit. Having heard many comments about Pawson’s design choices for such an iconic building, I was mentally prepared to like/dislike what I saw. What I was not prepared for were the invisible barriers (physical and social) I encountered throughout a building. To say that the building is behind in terms of accessibility and inclusion is an understatement: Separate facilities and no access to the ground floor cafe for anyone on a wheelchair or pushing a pram, as well as narrow displays within vast empty areas connected by retrofitted mini ramps, are just a few of the things I noticed. Furthermore, although the Design Museum had expressed the desire to make Design more accessible to the general public by offering free …

My speech at the London Build Expo 2017

First published on the 27th of October at the NAWIC website (LINK) “Good morning everyone It is great to be back at London Build and continue to be part of what has rapidly stablished as a regular fixture of our industry’s calendar as well as NAWIC’s own . NAWIC or The National Association of Women in Construction, for those who don’t know us, is one of the world’s longest running women lead cross discipline organisations within the construction industry. Founded in Texas, in 1955, it emerged from a small network of women who were active in the industry and already in business with each other. It started as a support network looking to create a platform from which the female working in the industry could achieve their full potential. In the words of Alise Ashley , one of the founding members, these were women with electricity in their veins and cement dust on their shoes. Over the years, NAWIC has grow to become a global organisation with presence in he USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand …

D Escribete

“Sin querer caer en los estereotipos, los estudios muestran que las mujeres no encuentran tan fácil como los hombres el comunicar sus logros profesionales. Sin embargo en un entorno de trabajo cada vez más consciente del valor que tienen las redes sociales, nuestro equipo sabe que hacer visible el talento que existe en nuestra industria es el primer paso para normalizar la diversidad y atraer nuevas caras: Es por ello que nos hemos comprometido a activar un cambio. El pasado jueves 15 nuestra region de la Asociación Nacional de Mujeres en la Construcción (NAWIC) organizo un taller bajo el titulo de “Escribir un Perfil profesional”. Dicha sesión nos guiara a una segunda (programada para otoño) que tendrá como objetivo guiar al individuo a través del proceso de solicitud de premios y proyectos.

Si estas en Londres

“Algun@s sabréis que soy la presidenta regional de NAWIC (La asociación nacional de mujeres en la construcción), y como tal, mi labor se centra tanto en el apoyo al desarrollo de profesionales pertenecientes al sector como en corregir la imagen de la industria con la intención de atraer nuevas caras que nos ayuden a enfrentarnos a los retos que el futuro demanda de nuestro sector. Mi labor, se inspira por mi experiencia en Womenalia entre otras cosas y es por ello que pese a no haber tomado la oportunidad que me brinda esta plataforma hasta este momento, me gustaría informaros de nuestro calendario de eventos del mes de Septiembre.

Pan para hoy … (el futuro del sustento)

“Hace dos semanas lei un articulo que anunciaba la inversion del gobierno Británico en cinco proyectos relacionados con la gerencia de lo que se denomina Seguridad de Sustento Global (Global Food Security). Desde la reducción de riesgos relacionados con el acceso a agua, a la predicción del impacto que un incremento en la demanda va a imponer el la industria porcina, los estudios exploran estrategias sostenibles con las que reforzar los sistemas existentes para enfrentarse a los cambios climáticos y demográficos. En 1998, cuando llegue al Reino Unido de Donosti, una visita al supermercado no bastaba para encontrar ingredientes frescos con los que cocinar las recetas mas simples. Tanto los precios como la variedad no daba mucho de sí y termine por aceptar que tendría que hacer la compra semanal, casi exclusivamente, en el mercado de frutas y verduras.

Errores de cálculo

“Llevo en el Reino Unido 18 años y parece increíble que aun no haya escrito un articulo describiendo como se enfrenta uno a la búsqueda de empleo en este país. Siendo de San Sebastian es algo que muchas veces me han preguntado las personas que conozco por el camino, pero solo hoy se me ha ocurrido. ¿Por qué hoy? Porque ayer vi una entrada en Womenalia de como escribir cvs y he pensado que en vez de comentar de manera extensiva y salirme por la tangente, debería compartir lo que he aprendido en dos entradas propias: Una hablando sobre como construir tu historia y otra concentrada en la estructura.