Thomas and the Olympic Cauldron

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Thomas Heatherwick “did not steal” the design of the Olympic cauldron, according to the design firm at the centre of the plagiarism row.

Scrapbook‘s insight:

A few weeks ago we organised a lunchtime CPD with a well known lighting company. One of the two presenters, trying to encourage early collaboration with our office said a sentence that stuck to my mind “ideas -he said- are free. They cost nothing”. (I almost shouted.) Ideas are not free! ( Or, at least, they shouldn’t . ) Ideas are the fruit of work, time and accumulated knowledge and they are, in fact, the valuable part! However, in the world we live in, this is often forgotten.

The case illustrated here sounds like it could have emerged from a variant of that old game of the Chinese whispers . An idea is proposed, rejected as a design proposal but its essence stays on becoming part of the brief … No evil plan, just a clear lack of understanding of the work behind that original idea or the value of it.

Personally I am just sorry that the beauty of the concept and the sculpture are no longer the centre of discussion because, to me, they were the perfect ending to a memorable day!

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