6 Ways Companies Drive Out Their Best People

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In some companies, people stay only until they can figure out how to leave. The sad thing is – it doesn’t have to be like that.

Scrapbook‘s insight:

In almost fifteen years as an active employee I have not stopped being amused each time of of these manifest in front of my eyes.

Even as a student when I worked at various restaurants and shops the same topics were part of people’s discussions. Why? Because despite the relative comfort of our lives, it is our natural instinct to want to better ourselves .

Anthropologically, it probably comes from the acknowledgement of the need to “keep up” / “win” in order to provide for us and or our families, though this is logical thinking rather than knowledge from an architect rather than anthropologist …

To have your wings cut off is common practice in many offices as a way to control their workforce and prevent their departure; but in truth, all this does is retain a bunch of demotivated broken souls that begin to simply comply with the minimum standard rather than bring added value.

Personally, I have constantly made mental notes of things I’d do so differently . I even made a point to never let me forget that I was , at least, affected by them in order to break the cycle. Nobody is perfect but given that each day is a new opportunity to better yourself… Why would anyone let this go? Specially businesses looking to succeed.

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