Apps I like part 2, iOS

A day later than promised , today I will be listing my favorite apps for iOs.

As I previously mentioned, i was attracted to the iPad idea since i first saw it. Everyone around me though it was a useless gimmick but to me, it made sense in many ways i knew it wold be super useful.

Ok, I must admit that i often “dream” of what products can do, build up towards the purchase, and then fall flat on my face (not literally) in disappointment when they don’t deliver. How ever, this was not to be the case. I have saved up to three hours of my day thanks to it and I am grateful for it.

Before anyone accuses me of being a superfan, let me say that i did not purchase the first generation because, on various tests I did, it felt clunky (to me) and i did actually do a thorough research on the competitors available at the time when the second generation came on to the market before purchasing mine.

It is interesting that if there is something that others should realize about Apple is that in having presence in the high st. gives them the best shoot of presenting their technology. They can assess the customers, tune-in and speak their language. The rest of the competitors, rely on international computer shops to do so, and in all honesty, those fail to even give them a chance to compete.

As an example I will say that in London, It took me a whole week to track down a Xoom and further two days to find a shop with a working wi-fi to test it. I did not find a single employer at a particular computer company who was able to answer my queries and I ended up writing to Motorola in order to get some answers.

As i said on my email to them at the time, with people such as these selling their products, companies will seriously struggle to reach customers as not everyone can afford or want to dedicate this much time to research. In essence that is why ,for three years ,people have not said “i am buying a tablet” but “i am buying and iPad”.

Ok, now that i made my point i will move to the apps.


By burbn inc.
I don’t think this one needs introduction by now. However, it deserves to be on the list. really enjoy discovering new places and sharing images.

By the way, from today there are user profiles, mine is :

By Buffer inc.
I often read the papers once a day and topics for twitter messages rush to my mind at once. However, i am worried that if i send them immediately, i might alienate people. This app helps me space them in time.

By Factyle
This is a fun app where you can create mini movies and watch those created by others. People are amazingly inspiring.


Intelligent Life
By the economist
I love the economist , and this magazine that they created for the iPad is packed of interesting stories.

By Amazon
I absolutely love the kindle app. It is like a portal to a different world. I was very sad when the app was changed ( to Apple’s request, as I was told ) removing the chance to purchase from it but hey, still is fantastic.

By Flipboard inc.
What a great magazine. You chose the sources, the topics and it is all formatted for your enjoyment.

Zite Personalised Magazine
Zite inc
I absolutely love Zite. Elegant design, great topics…My only complain is that the news seem to be very much USA focused and i can only read it once a week as the rest of the world also needs my attention!


Filter storm
By Tai Shimizu
I have tried many photo editing apps but this one is fantastic. I don’t really use any other. It has all the basics from the ones we normally use to edit images, including sharpening, levels and more.

By Nik Software Inc
This app is great for straightening, adjusting light etc…


Work (mine = architect who works on site and at the office)

Moleskine Journal
By Moleskine Srl
Great as the paper ones are. (I only miss the tactile side of the Moleskine notepads)

Thinkbook – write, plan , outline and take notes
By Bitolithic Pty ltd
What a fantastic app. It feels almost like a folder where you endlessly add pages in between.

By Apple
This is the best text editing program I have ever tested in my life. And i have used computers for 26 years! It is simple, beautiful, intuitive… It is a program, not an App and for an amazing price. I love it and, i don’t plan to ever return to Word.

By Dropbox
I love Dropbox. I also use Sharefile and Skydrive, which I also consider great! But I think that Dropbox has been the step changer, despite the fact that they force you to sign in, which some people may find annoying, it is so useful that I can no longer remember the hassle of carrying memory sticks around… Or floppies ;-)

GoodReader for iPad
By Good.iWare Ltd.
Another perfect app. This is a pdf reading program, or at least that is what i bought it for, however, it essentially lets you do most things that you would on a printed paper copy if you had a pen… Brilliant!!

Autocad WS
By Autodesk Inc.
Our cladding contractors told me about this app during a site visit where I needed to review some drawings. It is amazingly helpful and it even allows you to measure from the drawings!!

Despite the fact that it could look cool to some, thanks to this app, you no longer need to carry massive portfolios or drawing tubes around town!!

Multi media:

Bbc iplayer
By Media Applications Technologies Limited
A month or so ago, BBC iplayer for iPad made possible to take programs in your iPad rather than forcing you to stream… It was great news as I am the worst person to keep up with television.

Imdb Movies & TV
Like the website, but with the option to record your watched list etc

Animation Desk™ for iPad
By Kdan Mobile Software LTD
Found this by pure chance and i really enjoy using it. Charming , simple to use and with surprising results.


One alarm
Simple graphics and easy to use. Perfect. What else would I need?

Solar : Weather
By Hollr, Inc.
This was a fantastic find! (I cannot claim it was “my” find, as it was my colleague Chris’ who told me about it) In Britain the weather is so important that most people check BBC every morning, afternoon and evening. I am Basque (used to the rain) and could not care less. However, this app is so beautiful and original that i got it. So far, I’d say it is the best looking one I have seen on this topic.


IFixit : repair manual
Brilliant app full of tips for those tasks which people like me are puzzled by.

Learn Japanese with busuu!
By Busuu Online S.L.
Brilliant app for languages. I am using the Japanese one but there are many to choose from. Their website is also amazing.

MIMOA – Modern Architecture Guide
Brilliant app for travelling. It is aprt of the Mimoa project (where I sometimes contribute) and it is a super helpful tool to find amazing places whereever you travel to.


Big Oven
another brilliant recipe resource

All recipes
All recipes inc
Great source of inspiration when cooking.

Recommended by a Neapolitan friend, this is an amazing app. It has real italian recipes that you can very easily cook. Definitely worth having!


By polar Bear Factory
I have lost count of how many times this app has helped me sorting out area and measurement conversions… Super necessary for my job.


The fantastic flying books of mr. morris lessmore
Moonbot Studios LA llc
Happiness in the form of a gorgeous interactive book. I bought it by accident and loved it so much that shared the experience with half of my office , their children and my nieces and nephew. It is simply a gorgeous example of the future i dream of.

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