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Apps I like

I just realised that it has been a while since I joined the App world and been the geek that I am, I have tested probably over three hundred since.

I have tested radio station apps, off line music listening apps, drawing and photography apps, newspaper apps, book reading apps and many more.

The routine has always been the same : research, download, test, delete/keep. The reason behind this is, of course, making sure that the limited amount on space I have both on my phone and tablet are not wasted. And after all that, these are my favourite apps for Android / Os or both


When the time to upgrade my phone arrived, in 2009, I knew that i was to buy an iPad. ( I saw the product presentation and totally understood how it could work for me … or might have to say that I saw its potential)

Everyone around me had the Iphone 3s and considered me mad for going against the grain but the way i saw it, if i got an android phone I could have the best of both worlds. I thoroughly researched the market and decided to go for the one that had the best reviews.

Am i happy? In truth, i think my friends and family were right. I have regretted to buy this phone since month 5. However, it has given me the chance to discover useful apps.

Advanced Task Killer
By Rechild
This is the best of the lot. Without it, the stupid battery of my phone would have lasted 4 hours each day. It was recommended to me by an assistant at the mobile provider’s support team, and since i too have recommended it to many android users.

London underground
by Visual IT ltd
This app is super useful.. For Londoners and visitors. It is essentially a tube map, however, they update it regularly to make sure that you know which stations are closed etc and it is one that i use a lot.

Note everything
By SoftXPerience
I have tried many other note making apps, including Evernote and this one still is my favorite because of its simplicity.

Prensa de España
By Baris EFE
Brilliant compilation of daily papers in Spain. Not beautiful but super efficient. Up to date and it does not drag on even when there is not such a great reception.

Retro Camera
By Urbian
I love this app to add a vintage feel on to photos. I think there is something quite nice about picking up a camera , specifically for the occasion, and taking photos rather than doing post production. You have a set of 5 to chose from and i always love the surprise factor.

Tag My Wine
I think this is genius. It is perfect for people like me who cannot remember a brand to save their life. You simply catalogue the wine you buy and mark it. Then, you can refer back to it when you are buying more. It is great to avoid repeating mistakes .

Opera mobile web browser
By opera software ASA
This program has saved the day so more times that i can tell you. It essentially shrinks the internet to allow your telephone to cope with the data. Very useful

By jwtc
No comparison with the others i have tested. Many more practice exercises.


By Linkedin
Brilliant to avoid the internet crashing all the time, particularly with my android.

By Twitter
As above

Lookout Security
By Lookout Mobile Security
Brilliant backup and protection for both, phone and tablet. I absolutely love this product because it really provides a solution.

By Spotify Ltd.
This is a great investment. I have concluded that I don’t need to physically own a CD to access music. Instead I pay my month quote, have my playlists, download them to the phone or iPad and enjoy them, without streaming, where ever. I can find almost anything, even obscure music from my childhood in the Basque Country.

Tomorrow OS (iPad and iPhone)

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