Slumdog millionaire

So… It has been a year since it was released causing a massive unanimous reaction of admiration… but it was only today that I watched “slumdog millionaire” for the first time.

I have serious issues about anything with a massive hype as I always seem to end up disappointed… This time too, I felt that this hybrid between “city of God” and “amores perros” was lacking of the originality and strength that the other two had.

It is true that the children were amazing… with a special kind of natural ability to interpret their roles, but for some reason I was not that impressed with the movie.

Indian movies have a special quality, I find, with regard to photography, light, music, choreography and story telling, and this movie, it was clearly not Indian.

The characters were good, but seemed to similar to those on the other movies I mentioned earlier… the brother Salim, even reminds you physically and psychologically to Buscape´s brother in city of God! And Latika´s adult personality and context is terribly similar to Susana in “amores perros”…

I don´t know, maybe its only me.

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