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A look back


I am not sure whether it is me, or whether this crisis, and the lack of workload is close to over. The truth is that I am getting busier with each day that goes by…

I am not complaining, as I believe that too much work is as much of a curse as it is a blessing, particularly as you tend to be less stressed when the basics of your life are covered, but you do sometimes wonder what modern life is really costing us in terms of everything else.

I begun to plant vegetables trying to escape from the ugly place that we all were heading to at the office. stress, redundancies, job losses, reduction of hours, cancellation of projects, budget cuts and uncertainty were all pushing us to the limit. We suddenly had to face the music, and the happy carefree existence that of our parents’ generation created for us, suddenly trembled right under our feet.

We are all adults and have responsibilities, but we suddenly had to face other people´s mistakes and lack of planing (all over the world), and our happy office because gloomy.

I remember the exact Sunday night in front of the television, when my husband and i, looking for something other than the presenter who has become famous thanks to the crisis, watched “Gardeners world” a BBC program where they offered free vegetable seeds to all those interested in exploring the wonders of “growing your own”.

I run downstairs to the computer and immediately applied for some. I decided that taking care of something else, and learning to live with nature´s limitations would bring me back from the dark side into a brighter and more productive place. It gave me the opportunity to take control of my own survival.

This morning, as I ate a toast with my own tomatoes, garlic and a bit of olive oil, I realised that the journey I then begun is a worthwhile one… and I plan to continue it.

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