THE absolute truth holders

Sometimes, I talk to people and I have the feeling that I am, in fact, talking to myself.

You surely must have felt like that before. You are trying to say something and the other person speaks over you. Not by accident, but non stop, in a parallele conversation which, of course is more importants than what ever it is that you may have been trying to communicate.

Recently I was trying to explain a situation to someone, who rather than listening, she was shoutting over me, quite literally, things such as: “what did you really think it was going to happen?” ” because this is how things are and to be honest you should be clear by now.  We do not count blah blah blah”. Normally I would stop there, but as experiment, I tried to give her a chance to realise that, in fact, she was shoutting over me… I should have known better by now.

I cannot be bothered with this type of “behavioural” disorder, and i rather evade to my own world till they finish the speech that fighting for my words to be heard out, because in truth, they would only be hear by my own ears,  as these people do not listen, anyway. As i implied earlier, I am not referring to someone who may be excited about something and wanted to tell me all about it… we all have done that! I am talking serious business here.

People who KNOW the absolute truth about everything, and unfortunately… Spain, where I come from, is packed of this. I hate going back home and being asked anything… why do people ask I don’t know.

I have a secret that I want to share though. I worked it out growing up and you might find it useful… if you want to survive in this (sometimes) ugly world, you should aim at determining (within your head, and prior to opening your mouth, by means of a complicated law of probabilities calculation) which answer will unravel the smallest chain of “further” questions. This is important since , undoubtedly, what ever you say will result in a list of criticisms (i mean conclusions) such as : you took the worng turn, made the wrong decision, chosen the wrong colour for the walls as , in fact, everyone knows, that it is all so last sason!

(Forget about your years of experience)… “Did you not read that glossy magazine I told you about?”

Once I hear that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason… i say no more.

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