I have always being fascinated by art

The earliest memory related to any form of art I have dates back to my kinder garden years. I was given, a piece of plasticine to shape into what ever I fancied, and I chose to do a Shepard, with a group of sheep and a dog. In my mind still a very clear image, but I wonder what would others have seeing then.

When I was a little girl I loved those rare days at school when the greatest activity of the day was “marrazki librea” or free style drawing. I guess that the fact that I was not expected to do things in any particular way must have been a determining factor.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fair to say that I often asked questions and chose alternative routes to do things (generally much quicker shortcuts) but sometimes, even when i tried to comply, I would get into trouble.

For instance, one day I was asked to draw our house… The house where I grew up is a three storey block of flats rendered in a yolk yellow colour, with dark stones and white render surrounding the windows and the front door. It also has green eves and timber brackets supporting a green and grey roof.  Unfortunately, my teacher had never seen it and she accused me of being difficult and trying to do things in a non traditional way.

(Do note that “traditional” in that context would have meant white walls, double pitched tiled roof, an entrance door and just a couple of windows at either side.)

I remember trying to explain my side of the story and being told off “because everyone knows there are no yellow houses with green roofs” .

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